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About Cha Cha the Clown

Who is Cha Cha the Clown? Cha Cha is Regina Wollrabe, a wife and mother of 4 boys! How she finds the time to clown is a small miracle.

Regina started out as a mime in 1977. It was an easy transition into becoming a professional clown. After studying clowning and mentoring with some of the finest clowns in the Pacific Northwest, Gina launched Cha Cha the clown. She has won several awards in various catagories; Performance, Costume, Paradability, and Entertainer of the year. 

Regina has worked with children since 1980, working in pre-schools, community schools, and churches. Both here in the Portland area and abroad. Using that experience, she uses her Mime and Clowning skills to teach, entertain and touch children's lives. Even her own children take on her calling!

Cha Cha the Clown's family
#1 son Rudy has embraced the talents of both his mom and dad. Since age 6 Rudy has been around performance. Clowning with his mom, and playing music with his dad. Now as an adult, he has become a professional clown, touring with Ringling Brothers Barnum Bailey Circus for 2 1/2 years. He is also a musician, playing drums for local bands in the Portland area.
#2 son Teo is a musician, creating electronic music. He performs in Portland venues as a DJ, mixing his creations to the audiences delight!  
  #3 son Eddie is a clown, musician, and award winning movie producer. He also started at a young age performing with his mom as a clown. He plays, drums, piano and sax. His passion is creating movies. Eddie won the Northwest Youth Silent Film Festival competition with a 3 minute video creation. Through this he has met some Hollywood film producers. His dream is to be a movie producer. 
#4 son Andre is also a clown and musician. He also started at a very young age, clowning with his mom. He plays the drums and piano. At at 8 he was recording multi track and writing songs, creating and selling his music on CD. He is currently following in his oldest brothers footsteps and is hoping to join the circus this summer during summer vacation. 

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  Dad is a 30+ year musician. He has performed locally and internationally. He is a recording artist and songwriter, on his own CD's and other bands. Toured with various bands, Word Records and Sparrow Records, with recording artists from Nashville. He is currently playing in the Portland area. 

Regina has a deep faith and performs in the church, and missions organizations. She has traveled to places like Latin America and Aruba, sharing her faith to those wanting to hear. Using her God given talents she has been able to bring joy to people one by one. It is what God has called her to do!