Product ImageAs a mom of four boys I know what its like to put on a party for a group of friends and family and trying to keep it all running smoothly. I like to come along side families to help them enjoy their child's party so you can take photos. Bringing a clown to your event helps entertain and guide the children at your event for up to two hours.
Community Events
Product ImageIn Gresham at the Rockin Around the Block Event, Cha Cha rides around on her old penny wheel bike, plays with the crowd and makes balloons helping to create a fun and festive atmosphere.
Grand Openings
Product ImageMy children (Rudy, Silly Billy and Loopie), my sister (Gadget) and I have worked the Fred Meyer Grand Openings since year 2001 doing balloons for the children and their families who visited the stores after the construction of a remodel or new store had been finished. Having clowns and music with colorful balloons add an element of fun and celebration to any special grand opening event.
Product ImagePreschoolers are my favorite age group to perform for and their laughter is contagious. Kids today need laughter more than ever before. If you have children and parents who are concerned about the clown I can do a transformation show for my first visit so that the children can see the process and learn that a clowns job is to be funny and silly and that laughter is a healthy necessity in life that helps us to be happier and healthier people.
Product ImageWhile making balloons, my goal is for children to have fun and play. For large events like grand openings and school carnivals I like doing faster designs to prevent long lines. You can hire a balloon artists in or out of clown.
Face Painting
Product ImageI like to face paint out of clown these days. Face painting is still an option as I know kids love getting painted. If you hire me as a clown there is always the option to hire a second person to do the face painting so I can concentrate on being a clown.
Mime Time
Product ImageI usually teach mime as a person without mime make up, I have been hired for silent auctions, birthday parties, performances for scout programs, banquets and school programs, including teaching mime to dance students and high school theater classes.